Good Mood Candle


Joyful: Life is filled with twists and turns that can make it difficult to feel joyful. Fortunately, joyousness can be something we choose, instead of something that just happens to us. Custom-blended candle to help foster a joyful mood. Whether you need a helping hand to turn a rough day around or want to keep some good vibes rolling, our bright and citrusy candle will lift your mood and spirit. Blended with bergamot, grapefruit, and kumquat. Size: 9 oz.

Inspired: We’re taught that when inspiration strikes--it’s something we must wait around for. But inspiration is all around us, we only need to learn how to seek and seize onto it. Custom-blended candle to spark inspiration. Whether you want help kindling new ideas, or simply need motivation to hit that deadline, this contemplative candle will get your gears turning. Blended with cedar and notes of leather and musk, Inspired will give you more than a few bright ideas. Size: 9 oz.

ComfortedSeeking comfort is the acknowledgment that not everything feels okay, but that you want to do the work to help those feelings pass. Comfort gives us peace, and peace is key to the process of healing and restoration. Custom-blended candle to help create an environment of comfort and well-being. Whether you need an escape from your day or want to settle into an evening of reading and sipping tea, our sweet and nutty fragrance will make you feel wrapped. Size: 9 oz.

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