Antidote Chocolate Bar


Antidote is artisan chocolate with exquisite flavors. High on cacao, less sugar, greater antioxidants. 2.3 oz / 65g bar

Rose Salt + Lemon:  Subtle and delicate, rose salt from the Andes gets down with tangy lemon zest on a dark chocolate dance-floor of 77% slow roasted cacao. When you get hit with this special lemon preparation your taste buds will shimmy in appreciation. Hebe: your creative Antidote to dull moments and tired playbooks.

Quinoa Crunch: Rich and gratifying, layer of crunchy popped quinoa on a base of pure, fruity dark chocolate bliss. Nice texture with a crunch. Queens of Paradise! Queen Q is your Antidote for parched consciousness. 70% cacao.

Strawberry Milk Chocolate: Succulent strawberries play with milk chocolate creating a never-ending wonderland only your tongue could understand. Our Strawberry MILK CHOCOLATE BAR - less sugar, fuller flavor - for the KID in you. 56% Cacao.

Coffee + Cardamom: Rich and aromatic, Arabica coffee and minty cardamom are triumphant on dark chocolate made from 73% slow roasted cacao. The coffee, grown in the mountain shade of the Loja region in Ecuador, delivers a sweet aroma and has been specifically selected to complete this taste trifecta. Kakia: your action packed Antidote for when you feel trapped in the passenger seat.

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