Dermo Suavina Original Lip Balm


Thanks to its formulation made with 100% natural essential oils, the Dermo-Suavina lip balm by Laboratorios Calduch repairs and protects your lips intensely, prioritizing your skin care. 100% vegan, cruelty free and recyclable.


Original composition from 1880, in a more comfortable and practical package. Formulation based on 100% natural essential oils, free from preservatives, emulsifiers, and harmful substances.

CITRUS AND MENTHOL AROMA Pleasant citrus and menthol aroma, to instantly provide a soft, fresh effect, instantly making your lips irresistible.

REPAIRS, HYDRATES AND PROTECTS LIPS Repairs, moisturizes and protects lips and mucous membranes from damages caused by excessive dryness as a result of flu, cold or rhinitis symptoms, characterized by the continuous use of tissues.

Made in Spain

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