Homebody Eau de Parfum


1.7-ounce glass bottle with gold atomizer + cap • phthalate/paraben-free fragrance oils

Aurora Borealis is bright, enchanting + magical, like a starlit night spent under the stars. Notes of: tropical fruit • sugared orange • lemon • lime • mountain greens • sandalwood

Hazy Summer is seductive, warm + mysterious, like finding your new favourite bookstore hidden away from the main path. Notes of: peach • raspberry • osmanthus • cinnamon • anise • rose • orange blossom • patchouli • sandalwood • egyptian musk

Rosewater + Lemon is delightful, charming + soft, like buying fresh flowers for yourself just because you know you deserve it. Notes of: rose petals • lemon tonic • red currant • green apple • jasmine • agave

Palo Santo is lightly bonfire-nostalgic, slightly sweet, yet earthy + calming. Palo Santo will calm your nerves, calm your mind and help ground you throughout the day. Notes of: palo santo • warm amber • soft musk

Agave + Earth is earthy, lush + botanical, like wet earth after a warm spring rain. Notes of: sweet agave • watery aloe • chrysanthemum • greenery • fresh earth • patchouli

Dandelion Fields is fresh, floral + full of sunshine :) like kicking your shoes off + letting the grass + dandelions tickle your feet. Notes of: lemon • orange • grapefruit • dandelion fluff • sweet grass • violet • musk

Daybreak is like enjoying your morning coffee in the cool, crisp autumn morning light. Notes of: roasted coffee • jasmine • pepper • coriander • amber • cedar • musk

Tobacco + Vanilla is like the feeling of watching sun sparkle reflections from a sun catcher at dusk. Notes of: Tobacco leaf • tobacco blossom • tonka bean • dried fruit • smoked woods • vanilla • cacao

Moonlit Bonfire is like the ultimate "cozy, curl up with a good book all day" scent. Notes of: vanilla bean • almond • caramel • coriander • ginger • bay leaf • clove • cinnamon • leather • amber • tonka • smoky woods • cashmere

Ingredients: • neutral grain alcohol / DEP / benzyl salicylate / fragrance
Made in United States of America

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