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Good Egg Hair Clips - Proper
Good Egg Hair Clips Sale price$8.00
Daydreamer Hair Clips - Proper
Daydreamer Hair Clips Sale price$8.00
Cat Lady Hair Clip - Proper
Cat Lady Hair Clip Sale price$8.00
Cold Brew Hair Clip - Proper
Cold Brew Hair Clip Sale price$8.00
Unhinged Hair Clip - Proper
Unhinged Hair Clip Sale price$8.00
California - Note Pad - Proper
California - Note Pad Sale price$7.99
Walking Ladies - Notebook - Proper
Yum Yum - Market Note Pad - Proper
Alora Gloves - Proper
Alora Gloves Sale price$10.00
Classic Plaid Scarf - Proper
Classic Plaid Scarf Sale price$15.50
Standard Baggu - UFO Metallic - Proper
Sold outStandard Baggu - Half Shell Skunk - Proper
Standard Baggu - Raisin Awning Stripe - Proper
Standard Baggu - Mint 90's Stripe - Proper
Baggu Go Pouch Set - Vacation Stripe Mix - Proper
Baggu 3D Zip Set - Vacation Stripe Mix - Proper
Hot Air Balloon Scarf - Proper
Hot Air Balloon Scarf Sale price$9.00
Save $9.00Hand-Painted Flower Taper Candles - Proper
Hand-Painted Flower Taper Candles Sale price$19.00 Regular price$28.00
Nail Art Stickers - Howdy - Proper
Nail Art Stickers - Howdy Sale price$10.00
Nail Art Stickers - Wildflower - Proper
Nail Art Stickers - Mon Cheri - Proper
Shine Bright Candle - Proper
Shine Bright Candle Sale price$31.00
Save $17.00Hot Cocoa Candle - Proper
Hot Cocoa Candle Sale price$17.00 Regular price$34.00
Champagne Bubble Bar - Proper
Champagne Bubble Bar Sale price$16.00
Topanga Candle - Proper
Topanga Candle Sale price$28.00
Ojai Nuit Candle - Proper
Ojai Nuit Candle Sale price$28.00
Garçon Candle - Proper
Garçon Candle Sale price$28.00
Villa Capri Candle - Proper
Villa Capri Candle Sale price$32.00
Hotel Flori Candle - Proper
Hotel Flori Candle Sale price$32.00
Bar Monti Candle - Proper
Bar Monti Candle Sale price$32.00
Euphoria Candle - Proper
Euphoria Candle Sale price$30.00
Botanica Candle - Proper
Botanica Candle Sale price$30.00
29 Palms Candle - Proper
29 Palms Candle Sale price$30.00
Nail Art Tweezers - Proper
Nail Art Tweezers Sale price$10.00
Nail Art Stickers - TAXI (NYC) - Proper
Nail Art Stickers - Sunny Side Up - Proper
Nail Art Stickers - Pink Pony - Proper
Nail Art Stickers - Picnic (Paris) - Proper
Nail Art Stickers - Patchwork - Proper
Nail Art Stickers - Baba's Kitchen - Proper
The Original Tinned Fish Candle - Proper
Smile Hat - Proper
Smile Hat Sale price$22.50
Standard Baggu - Wild Strawberries - Proper
Standard Baggu - Deer - Proper
Standard Baggu - Deer Sale price$14.00
Standard Baggu - Needlepoint Apple - Proper
Standard Baggu - Camellia - Proper
Standard Baggu - Camellia Sale price$14.00
Standard Baggu - Lantana - Proper
Standard Baggu - Lantana Sale price$14.00
Baggu Flat Pouch Set - Photo Florals - Proper