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Rose Claw Clip
Rose Claw Clip Sale price$9.00
Sheer Rose Scrunchie
Sheer Rose Scrunchie Sale price$9.00
Face Claw Clip
Face Claw Clip Sale price$12.00
Hand Claw Clip
Hand Claw Clip Sale price$12.00
Bloom Hair Clip
Bloom Hair Clip Sale price$7.50
Sheer Bow Print Scarf
Sheer Bow Print Scarf Sale price$9.00
Beaded Bow Hair Clip
Beaded Bow Hair Clip Sale price$8.50
Pastel Sheer Floral Scarf
Pearl 3.5" Hair Clips, Hair Claw (FIONA/FIBI) - Proper
Fiona Pearl Claw Clip Sale price$9.00
3.25" Matte Gold Hair Clips - FELICIA - Proper
Felica Claw Clip Sale price$10.00
Mini Square Hair Claw, Hair Clips - DIDI-Assorted - Proper
Didi Mini Claw Clip Sale price$3.00
Wavy Muted Colored Hair Clips - DAWA Muted - Proper
Dawa Wavy Hair Clip Set Sale price$5.00
Matte Rectangular Hair Claw - CUPO Pastel - Proper
Pastel Claw Clip Sale price$5.00
Colorful Wavy Clips - CECILE - Proper
Cecile Claw Clip Sale price$6.00
Matte Half Moon Hair Clips (CASIE) - Proper
Kaiya Claw Clip Sale price$5.50
4 - Inch Daisy Hair Clips Hair Claws - CARINA - Proper
2-Inch Milky Jelly Hair Claw - CAMILA MILKY - Proper
4-Inch Assorted Fruit Clips - BETTY FRUIT - Proper
Paityn Claw Clip Sale price$12.00
Assorted Berry Fruit Clips - BERRY ASSORTED - Proper
Fruit Shape Claw Clip Sale price$12.00
Assorted Flower Clip Set - Angie Assorted - Proper
Angie Claw Clip Sale price$7.00
Colorful Wavy Assorted Clips - AKKAN - Proper
Akkan Claw Clip Sale price$6.00
Acrylic Cloud Clips - AGAPE Assorted - Proper
Cloud Clip Sale price$10.00
Metal Bow Claw Clip - Proper
Metal Bow Claw Clip Sale price$8.00
Savannah Bow Clip - Proper
Savannah Bow Clip Sale price$12.00
Satin Ribbon Long Bow Clip - Proper
Rose Garden Bow Clip - Proper
Rose Garden Bow Clip Sale price$10.00
Allie Bow Clip - Proper
Allie Bow Clip Sale price$8.00
Classic Pearl Barrette - Proper
Classic Pearl Barrette Sale price$8.00
Tortoise Hair Clip Set - Proper
Tortoise Hair Clip Set Sale price$8.50
Sold outEmbroidered  Ribbon Bow Clip - Proper
Amelie Medium Metal Triangle Claw Clip - Proper
Hailey Metal Claw Clip - Proper
Hailey Metal Claw Clip Sale price$12.00
Dylan Metal Claw Clip - Proper
Dylan Metal Claw Clip Sale price$6.00
Chloe Rectangle Barrel Claw Clip - Proper
Scalloped Matte Claw Clip - Proper
Ribbon Banana Claw Clip - Proper
Ribbon Banana Claw Clip Sale price$10.00
Oval Snap Clip 2-Pack - Proper
Oval Snap Clip 2-Pack Sale price$10.00
Wire Leather Ponytail Wrap - Proper
Sarah Bow Headband - Proper
Sarah Bow Headband Sale price$10.00
Ultimate Everyday Scrunchie Pack - Proper
Athena Bow Clip - Proper
Athena Bow Clip Sale price$10.00
Simple Cuff Hair Tie - Proper
Simple Cuff Hair Tie Sale price$6.00
Iris Pastel Watercolor Hair Clip - Proper
Mini Heart Clip Box of 40 - Proper
Mini Heart Clip Box of 40 Sale price$10.00
Hazel Butterfly Claw Clip - Proper
Camilla Butterfly Hair Clip - Proper
Heart Shape Marbled Square Claw Clip - Proper
Mushroom Hair Clips - Proper
Mushroom Hair Clips Sale price$8.00