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Scalloped Matte Claw Clip - Proper
Ember Flat Claw Clip - Proper
Ember Flat Claw Clip Sale price$6.00
Pearl Long Bow Clip - Proper
Pearl Long Bow Clip Sale price$8.00
Ribbon Banana Claw Clip - Proper
Ribbon Banana Claw Clip Sale price$10.00
Oval Snap Clip 2-Pack - Proper
Oval Snap Clip 2-Pack Sale price$10.00
Wire Leather Ponytail Wrap - Proper
Sarah Bow Headband - Proper
Sarah Bow Headband Sale price$10.00
Satin Ribbon Long Bow Clip - Proper
Fav Ponytail 4-Pack - Proper
Fav Ponytail 4-Pack Sale price$8.00
Waves of Gold Hard Headband - Proper
Ultimate Everyday Scrunchie Pack - Proper
Vera Banana Claw Clip Bow - Proper
Vera Banana Claw Clip Bow Sale price$11.00
Athena Bow Clip - Proper
Athena Bow Clip Sale price$10.00
Simple Cuff Hair Tie - Proper
Simple Cuff Hair Tie Sale price$6.00
Mini Heart Clip Box of 40 - Proper
Mini Heart Clip Box of 40 Sale price$10.00
Hazel Butterfly Claw Clip - Proper
Camilla Butterfly Hair Clip - Proper
Heart Shape Marbled Square Claw Clip - Proper
Mushroom Hair Clips - Proper
Mushroom Hair Clips Sale price$8.00
Bookworm Hair Clip - Proper
Bookworm Hair Clip Sale price$8.00
Dog Mom Hair Clip - Proper
Dog Mom Hair Clip Sale price$8.00
Sassy Hair Clip - Proper
Sassy Hair Clip Sale price$8.00
Alice Mushroom Claw Clip - Proper
Alice Mushroom Claw Clip Sale price$7.00
Nadia Claw Clip - Proper
Nadia Claw Clip Sale price$8.00
Lea Claw Clip - Proper
Lea Claw Clip Sale price$7.00
Textured Seamless Pearl Hair Tie Set - Proper
White Rosette Satin Flower Scrunchie - Proper
Rosette Claw Clip - Proper
Rosette Claw Clip Sale price$16.00
Neutral Textured Seamless Hair Tie (Set of 8) - Proper
Small Octopus Metal Claw Clip - Proper
Mega Satin Scrunchie - Proper
Mega Satin Scrunchie Sale price$4.50
RubyTriangle Claw Clip - Proper
RubyTriangle Claw Clip Sale price$10.00
Ribbon Metal Claw Clip - Proper
Ribbon Metal Claw Clip Sale price$8.00
Emery Claw Clip - Proper
Emery Claw Clip Sale price$5.00
Rose Hair Tie - Proper
Rose Hair Tie Sale price$4.00
Butter Noodles Hair Clip Set - Proper
Weirdo Hair Clip - Proper
Weirdo Hair Clip Sale price$8.00
Good Egg Hair Clips - Proper
Good Egg Hair Clips Sale price$8.00
Daydreamer Hair Clips - Proper
Daydreamer Hair Clips Sale price$8.00
Cat Lady Hair Clip - Proper
Cat Lady Hair Clip Sale price$8.00
Cold Brew Hair Clip - Proper
Cold Brew Hair Clip Sale price$8.00
Tater Tot Hair Clip - Proper
Tater Tot Hair Clip Sale price$8.00
Unhinged Hair Clip - Proper
Unhinged Hair Clip Sale price$8.00
Cutie Flower Claw Clip - Proper
Cutie Flower Claw Clip Sale price$8.00
Mini Denim Bow Clips - Proper
Mini Denim Bow Clips Sale price$8.00
Neutral Essentials Micro Claw Clip Pack - Proper
Nagini Snake Claw Clip - Proper
Nagini Snake Claw Clip Sale price$6.00
Ripple Claw Clip - Proper
Ripple Claw Clip Sale price$6.00