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Shapes and Colors Notebook - Proper
Nonsense Card - Proper
Nonsense Card Sale price$5.00
Stars Pattern Notebook - Proper
Stars Pattern Notebook Sale price$16.00
Thank You For Everything Card - Proper
Bloomin' Idiot Sticker - Proper
Bloomin' Idiot Sticker Sale price$3.00
Group Chat Sticker - Proper
Group Chat Sticker Sale price$3.00
Can't Have Nice Things Cat Sticker - Proper
Social Anxiety Sticker - Proper
Social Anxiety Sticker Sale price$3.00
I Feel Gross Sticker - Proper
I Feel Gross Sticker Sale price$3.00
Natural Habitat Sticker - Proper
Natural Habitat Sticker Sale price$3.00
Terrarium Pop-Up Card - Proper
Terrarium Pop-Up Card Sale price$8.99
Juice Box Pop-Up Card - Proper
Juice Box Pop-Up Card Sale price$4.99
Work of Art Pop-Up Card - Proper
Work of Art Pop-Up Card Sale price$8.99
Oyster Pop-Up Pearl Card - Proper
Oyster Pop-Up Pearl Card Sale price$4.99
Compact Card - Proper
Compact Card Sale price$4.99
Cloudy Thinking of You Card - Proper
Mountains of Thanks Card - Proper
Mountains of Thanks Card Sale price$6.99
Herons Layered Card - Proper
Herons Layered Card Sale price$6.99
Feel Better Pop-Up Card - Proper
Feel Better Pop-Up Card Sale price$8.99
Green House Pop-Up Card - Proper
Green House Pop-Up Card Sale price$8.99
Kris Momager - Proper
Kris Momager Sale price$5.00
Modern Vases Card - Proper
Modern Vases Card Sale price$5.00
Color Block Card - Proper
Color Block Card Sale price$5.00
Under the Rug Card - Proper
Under the Rug Card Sale price$5.00
Face Down Card - Proper
Face Down Card Sale price$5.00
Fish Catch Card - Proper
Fish Catch Card Sale price$5.50
Pink Poodle Card - Proper
Pink Poodle Card Sale price$5.50
Hey Girl Card - Proper
Hey Girl Card Sale price$5.00
Save a Seat Card - Proper
Save a Seat Card Sale price$5.00
Baby Bump Card - Proper
Baby Bump Card Sale price$5.50
Water Lilies Card - Proper
Water Lilies Card Sale price$5.00
Blue Mermaid Card - Proper
Blue Mermaid Card Sale price$5.50
Thank You Sun Card - Proper
Thank You Sun Card Sale price$5.00
One Million Card - Proper
One Million Card Sale price$5.00
Poodle Woman Card - Proper
Poodle Woman Card Sale price$5.00
Yellow Stripes Congrats Card - Proper
Party Bear Card - Proper
Party Bear Card Sale price$5.50
Hello Sunshine Card - Proper
Hello Sunshine Card Sale price$5.00
Away They Go Card - Proper
Away They Go Card Sale price$5.50
Cat Crimes Card - Proper
Cat Crimes Card Sale price$5.50
Floral Flamingo Card - Proper
Floral Flamingo Card Sale price$5.00
Cactus Thank You Card - Proper
Cactus Thank You Card Sale price$5.00
Strawberry Card - Proper
Strawberry Card Sale price$5.50
Apple of My Eye Card - Proper
Apple of My Eye Card Sale price$5.50
Many Thanks Seal Card - Proper
Many Thanks Seal Card Sale price$5.00
Magnolia Birthday Card - Proper
Magnolia Birthday Card Sale price$5.00
Magnolia Here for You Card - Proper
Sweet Strawberries Card - Proper
Sweet Strawberries Card Sale price$5.00